Why I Chose Cloth Diapers for my lil’ ones

Cloth Diapering was never something I ever thought about doing for my kids.  My ten year old only used disposable diapers and they were just fine for me and for his daycare.  So why change?  I knew that I would not want to wash poopy diapers, and I was horrible with laundry – why add this burden?  Cloth Diapering just wasn’t in the cards for me.  I had a girlfriend who was completely on board with cloth and nothing else would touch her baby’s bum.  For me, I was all about the disposable diapers and not having to deal with a darn thing!  It was all about convenience, and my goodness, Cloth did not fit that category.

With my son, now 22 months old (today!), he was in disposables until about five months of age.  And poop was our biggest nightmare!  Keep in mind this was my first exclusively breastfed baby, so I was already playing a new game I was not familiar with.  I cannot recall how many horrid blowouts we had with disposable diapers.  But I can recall that each and every time I had to completely disassemble his car seat and wash the poor thing – of course this was after I had to cover his seat with a blanket so he would no longer have to sit in the lovely mess that came from the back of that diaper.  Being a stay at home mom, I was lucky I had the time to deal with the inconvenient poop issues.  But then I started thinking – why on earth am I dealing with this?!  Better yet – why on earth am I making HIM go through this nightmare??  So I decided to take another route – the world of Cloth Diapers.

After talking to my girlfriend and doing some Internet searches, I was impressed to know that there are fewer blowouts, if any, with Cloth Diapering.  If I’m already dealing with poop, what is the big deal, right?!  I would much rather clean poop out of a diaper (which we are supposed to do anyway) than have to wipe my poor baby boy down head to toe with ice cold wipes and make him sit back in the poop filled car seat with that blanket under him.  So I bit the bullet and I tried SoftBums.  Why SoftBums??  I wanted a diaper that looked soft around his legs.  No other reason than that!  And luckily, I had much success with this diapering system for my little man.  And that poop – honestly, it took maybe an extra minute or two to deal with the poopy diapers, and even less if I added a flushable insert

Although it was time to introduce my boy to solids, and I knew blowouts really were not going to be an issue at this point, I was quite happy with my choice, and I was not about to turn back.  I knew that I was doing something great for him.  I was utterly disgusted after reading the ingredients list for disposable diapers, and refused to put those chemicals and oils back on his bum.  I also knew that I was doing something even greater – I was helping our planet by using Cloth.  I continued to read more and more on Cloth Diapering, and every read I felt even better about my choices.  When we found out we were expecting baby number three, I had no doubts with diapering – Cloth all the way!  Another perk – with two babies in cloth, I could use some of my boy’s diapers for baby when he no longer needed them, or he outgrew them!

I would be lying if Cloth Diapering was the cheaper route for us – but I know it absolutely could have been.  However, I have become obsessed with Cloth Diapers and how absolutely adorable they are!  I also love to try something new that I have not tried before!  I love knowing that I am doing something great for my kids.  What’s another load or two of laundry a week?  Really, it’s nothing!  And stuffing diapers?  I choose to use pockets for parts of my lovely collection, so stuffing is on me!  Poopy diapers – they have nothing on me!

I have learned that the world of Cloth Diapers has so many great options, and that there truly is something for everyone.  I was excited to know I would never need to buy another “pack” of diapers –  Cloth has many diapers that fit from birth to potty training!  The best part of Cloth Diapering for me –my toddler expresses his personality by choosing which diapers to wear – you don’t get that with disposables!


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